Doodle Diary July 2015
July 31, 2015

Here’s the next instalment of David’s doodle diary – he’s been very busy this month preparing for an exciting trip and visiting The Story Museum, Oxford.
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Doodle Diary – July 2015

Saturday 18th July, The Story Museum, Oxford.

When I got home I doodled the day quickly in a different sketchbook before I forgot. (That’s a good tip; if you’re anything like me write things down before the memory evaporates!)


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Here is the picture I drew at The Story Museum, it shows Hugless giving a tree a big hug. There are lots of little sheep playing in the branches, jumping on pogo sticks and one of them is painting a picture on an easel :

Hugless Douglass hugging tree drawing Living PaintingsClick on the images to enlarge them.

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