Doodle Diary October 2015
November 16, 2015

Hi David here, with my latest doodle diary.
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David Melling Doodle Diary October

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Row of trees by David Melling
This doodle shows a row of trees. I’ve always held a fascination for trees. This is probably enhanced by these characters that line the road just outside my studio. Really, everyone of these trees have faces and personalities. They are such a joy to draw.

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Row of trees with one bird box illustration by David Melling
This picture shows a double page from my sketchbook.  It shows more trees and birdhouses.  The birdhouses starting to creep in a little later…

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Concertina Sketchbook
And once they entered my sketchbook I realised they were here to stay. I’m currently working my way through a concertina sketchbook, as you can see in the image above.
 Costa napkin sketches
Costa napkins feature almost everyday…sometimes joining me during my morning constitutional…Sometimes the best ideas can begin on a napkin!

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