Explore the National Gallery with Jacqueline Wilson
October 15, 2012

Touch to See: Painting Stories provides blind and partially sighted young people access to a selection of works of art from The National Gallery, London. Dame Jacqueline Wilson, children’s author and Living Paintings Patron, is our companion and guide in the book. Jacqueline Wilson shares in the delight of the paintings and talks about how she is inspired by the works of art and their stories. The famous paintings come to life and the people who work at the National Gallery take us behind the scenes.


This book is designed for blind children, 7-11 years, studying Key Stage 2. It is an interesting and fun activity that also supports a visit to the National Gallery as well as subjects across the National Curriculum.

The book contains picture book ‘Dog’s Night’, with Braille, feely pictures and audio CD.


There are 10 thermoforms, including one of Jacqueline Wilson! The thermoforms of the works of art are accompanied by a ‘further activity’ thermoform that explores a theme of the work of art e.g. skeleton of a horse, the colour wheel, musical instruments and jungle plants.

The audio soundtrack for each topic describes what the work of art looks like and provides navigation around the thermoform, with music and sound effects.

Each book also contains 2 free postcards of the works of art included in Painting Stories (donated by the National Gallery), which the children can send to a friend and tell them about their ‘trip’ to the gallery with Jacqueline Wilson.

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