Are you VI and want to play football? Here’s our guide to getting involved in the goal scoring action…..
June 16, 2014

Image from British Blind Sport website

There are two categories of football for visually impaired people:

If you are totally or almost totally blind then you fall into category B1 and can play Blind Football. This has 4 blind, outfield players plus a sighted goalie. The ball has ball bearings inside it so that it makes a sound when it’s moving which helps the players locate it.

If you have some sight and are categorized as B2 or B3 then you can compete in and can play Partially Sighted Football.  This has five people in a team, the ball is a smaller, size 4 and it’s played on an indoor pitch.

Whichever category of football you play, it’s a wonderful way to keep active and meet other people.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or have some experience you should be able to find a club to join.   Go to the British Blind Sport website and contact them for more information and details of clubs in your area.  This organisation runs the partially sighted football league whilst the Football Association runs the National Blind Football League.

Image from British Blind Sport website

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