Transport Collection for pre-schoolers
October 9, 2015

Here is our selection of Touch to See picture books for little ones who love vehicles.

New book available - Flashing Fire Engines

Flashing Fire Engines

This book features a rhyming text, bright, colourful illustrations, painted feely pictures and audio guide. The story follows the animal crew as they become firefighters. Climb on board the fire truck, ride along and learn how to put out fires and save the day! Every page is full of the kind of detail that machine-mad toddlers love: the fireman’s pole, the siren, the long ladder and much more! There’s a helpful picture glossary at the end to recap any new words and technical terms.

The Wheels on the Bus

This rhyming book includes brightly coloured illustrations, painted tactile pictures, braille and our unique audio guide with music and sound effects. This book is great for introducing the experience of riding on a bus and perfect for inspiring imaginative play. For example, line up a couple of dining chairs so it feel like rows of bus seats, use pretend money to purchase handmade bus tickets. Sing the rhyme or find it on iTunes.

Old Macdonald

Old Macdonald Had a Farm

Again, a great rhyming book which includes brightly coloured illustrations, painted tactile pictures, braille and our unique audio guide with music and sound effects. A wonderful opportunity to introduce children to farmyard life. This book is also good for developing listening, participation skills and great for improving confidence and self expression, so have fun with with making the animal sounds with your child.

Mr Gumpy’s Motor Car

When Mr. Gumpy decides to go for a ride in his bright red car, everyone wants to come along – a rabbit, a cat, a dog, a sheep, chickens, a calf, a goat, and a boy and girl. “All right,” says Mr. Gumpy. “But it will be a squash.” So they all squash in and, for a while, chug along happily. Then it starts to rain, and the car becomes stuck in the mud. Who will help Mr. Gumpy push the car out? “Not me,” says each passenger. This book is a jolly ride with lots of opportunity for extended play. For example, make animal masks out of paper plates and decorate with fun fur, buttons for eyes and other feely textiles and objects. As you read the book enjoy making the animal sounds as the story unfolds.

Add to your reading list the simple Vehicles feely picture included in The World Around Us With Spot

This feely picture and audio guide discusses some of the different vehicles that a child might hear in town or the countryside. There’s a bike, tractor, car and lorry. You could extend this topic by playing noises of different vehicles such as trains, aeroplanes and motorbikes and asking if the child can identify them. To help with this activity you could get toy versions of vehicles and a road map for the child to place the vehicles on as they identify them. To extend the play you can talk about the ways people use bicycles – for leisure, for jobs (postal delivery, messengers, deliveries, policemen), sport and for transport.

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