Touch to See ‘ticket’ to the Olympic & Paralympic games
January 25, 2012


This summer, athletes from 205 different countries will travel to London for the 2012 Olympic Games. Meanwhile, the nation has caught Olympic fever in anticipation for this unparalleled sporting extravaganza. Here at Living Paintings we are just as excited. Although we’re disappointed that there’s no contest in tea and biscuit consumption for us to enter…!

This year our imaginations will be fired by the endeavours of great, inspirational athletes, not just from Great Britain (go Team GB!) but from the world over. Our library members can join in and borrow our Olympic and Paralympic Games Touch To See book, which enables blind and partially-sighted young people to get inspired by and learn about the games too.

The book includes 13 Olympic-themed tactile pictures, with accompanying audio commentaries. Some of these tactile pictures depict exciting scenes from the games’ sporting history and events; for example the Olympic Sydney 4 rowers crossing the finishing line, and Colin Jackson competing in the 110 metre high hurdles. Other tactile pictures help to explain the history of the competition, the medals ceremony, the sports and the athletes.

Furthermore, the book contains a CD called ‘Ask An Olympian And Paralympian’. This collection of fascinating (and often highly amusing!) recordings provides an insight into the experiences of athletes from a variety of sports. BBC presenter Clare Balding asks the questions sent in by our young library members. We talk seriously about sport; but we also dare to ask whether a sportsman has a ‘lucky pair of pants’!  Through this CD children can discover more about the life of an Olympic skier, or a paralympic wheelchair athlete, amongst other inspirational role models.  

Sir Mathew Pinsent talks about being a team player

Audio MP3

We are pleased that feedback for our book has been overwhelmingly positive. Sue, (Teacher) told us how ‘tremendously’ it helped one of her students when the curriculum was ‘all based around the Olympic Games’. Sue said, ‘the thermoforms were brilliant, he exhausted the whole pack and it has been used practically everyday’.

We hope that you too will find our book an invaluable resource in sharing the excitement of our nation hosting this historic sporting event.

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