Grace has set a new record for borrowing our tactile books
January 15, 2018

Grace, age 18, has just borrowed her 100th Living Paintings loan!

Due to a condition called septic optic dysplasia, Grace was born completely blind in both eyes and has no light perception. She joined the Living Paintings library back in 2001 at the age of two after her mum found out about the charity through Grace’s QTVI, Wendy.

“I was quite distressed to find out that there were so few braille books available. I was also told that visually impaired children do not develop imaginations like sighted children so book reading and writing stories would not be something she would get involved in.”

As an avid book reader, Grace’s mum decided to challenge this view so contacted Wendy who told her about Living Paintings.

“The books enabled Grace to participate in a world of imagination that she would have been locked out of otherwise. I believe that the thermoform books… sparked the imagination of a young lady who now studies English literature at A Level, can write poems that are so descriptive they whisk you away to places in your dreams, and writes stories and limericks that has her brother in stitches.”

Well done Grace, one hundred books is a huge achievement. We look forward to celebrating your next 100!

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