Guest Blog with Fashioneyesta: The Fashion Time Capsule
April 2, 2013

fashioneyeesta 2013 Time Capsule, Emily with her collection of items for her fashion time capsule

Greetings! My name is Emily Davison and I am the founder of a fashion and lifestyle blog for blind and partially sighted people which aims to help and inspire them to develop their own unique style and confidence.

It is a great honour to be showcased on the Living Paintings website as a Guest Blogger. I was asked to blog about fashion and books. Perfect, because these things are the two loves in life. So, inspired by the brilliant book The Time Traveling Fashionista by Bianca Turetsky, I am proud to present my Fashion Time Capsule. A time capsule is not an alien concept; you fill a box with precious things and bury it in the ground, with the idea that it will be discovered by future generations. What is a new is to have a time capsule full of fashion!

Read on to find out what’s inside…

A Definitive Guide to Vintage Shopping by Funmi Odulate This book tells you everything you could possibly wish to know about Vintage Fashion and shopping for vintage pieces.

Red Vivienne Westwood Melissa T Bar Jelly Shoes I absolutely adore these “Dorothy” shoes, they are undoubtedly an icon in my eyes.

Cherry red Bowler Hat with side ribbon from Christie’s London £45 This hat was a Christmas present. It’s totally spiffing! It gets many compliments and is a very eye-catching head topper.

Emilyem Original Alice in Wonderland hand painted canvas tote bag My mother made this bag for me and it is a true work of art. The bag depicts an enchanted forest full of toadstools, dragonflies, trees, flowers, a pocket watch handing from a branch of a bare tree and a certain Cheshire Cat smiling down at me in the blue attire of Alice.

Victor and Rolf Flowerbomb Eau De Toilette 50ml £45 This fragrance is sheer beauty in a bottle. Both floral and fresh and suits any occasion, the smell lasts for an exceedingly long period whilst regularly giving bursts of freshness. I could never be without a bottle of this.

1920s Dragonfly Garnet Brooch with garnet detailing to the main body From the instant I found this brooch I knew I was destined to be the next owner in its life. It is a true beauty as the dragonfly is a spellbinding creature; in Japanese culture they are believed to be the symbol of strength. I believe that this brooch represents my endurance through life and my thesis that courage is key to success.

Turquoise Peacock Feather Pattern Embellished Coat. This coat is utterly stunning and very much a statement piece. Beautifully made it has a peacock feather pattern, a velvet button fastening at the front, loose fitting sleeves and a flattering cape style.

Closet Navy Blue with white polka dots 1940s style dress ‘Feminine, flattering and totally irresistible’ describes this dress in a nutshell. It’s made in a sexy 1940s style and is a very authentic replica of what they would have worn. I think it’s important to teach future generations to remember past styles and to learn from them.

Clinique Seven Day Scrub 100ml £17.50 I could not be without this product, I swear by it. Thanks to this product I have never been cursed with spots or sallow skin. The product has gentle rounded beads, which allow you to use it as part of your daily routine.

iPhone 5 3GB White I know this is not explicitly fashion – but without this phone there would be no regular updates from fashioneyesta, no product reviews and no YouTube videos! This phone, teamed with me and my Guide Dog, Unity, make the ultimate Super Styling Team.

Topshop Sequin Embellished Skater Dress Any magpies reading this? Be warned! The story of this wonderful acquisition was that I was hunting through the wide wilderness of Bromley to find a dress for my College Graduation. Fatigued, annoyed and craving a large Starbucks I came across a sparkling dress in my size the “Last Chance to Buy” section of Topshop. This dress captures the essence of my blog, which is all about positivity, achievement, bright lights, determination and reaching your goal before retiring to Starbucks with a beverage raised in salute. This dress takes central place in my Fashion Time Capsule.

Click here to watch, listen and find out more about my Fashion Time Capsule.

What would be in your Fashion Time Capsule? I’d love to know. Comment below, post a video on YouTube and tweet me @DavisonEm

Authors note
I created the Fashion Time Capsule concept to support the wonderful work of Living Paintings and to mark the life of my Great Great Aunt Irene Marie Rolf, 4th September 1929-13th February 2013, an inspirational women who believed that time was to precious too waste. She adored old musicals, Hollywood and fashion. I will continue to honour her memory and the saying ‘Carpe Diem’ is at the heart of my blog

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