Half-term activity: Grow a cress head
May 19, 2017

A simple growing activity that children enjoy is to grow a cress head.  It’s very simple.  All you need is a carton of eggs, a packet of cress seeds, a few sheets of kitchen roll, cotton wool balls, a bowl of water and a sunny windowsill.

1. Cut off the tops of your eggs and empty out the contents – you can use them to make a cake later.  Wash out the eggs so that they are completely clean and then dry them. Place them back in the egg carton to make them easier to plant.

2. Take a sheet of kitchen roll and fold it into a small square.  Dip it into the bowl of water to make it nice and damp.

3. Place the square of kitchen roll in the bottom of the egg shell.  Dampen a ball of cotton wool and gently place that on top of the paper. Do this for all the eggs.

4. Now you can sow your cress seeds!  Sprinkle the seed quite thickly onto the damp cotton wool and paper. Gently press them down.

5. Now you can add funny faces to your cress heads.  Use felt pens in different colours or stickers if you prefer.

6. Put the cress heads somewhere warm and remember to give them a few drops of water every day.  Soon there will be a thick crop of green cress hair. When it’s long enough you can cut some off and add it to yummy egg mayonnaise sandwiches!

photo of cress heads

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