Have a #booksforbooks sale!
October 3, 2017

Make space on your shelves for exciting new books and raise money for blind children to have new Touch to See books!

Do you have books at home that you have already read? Ask your teacher if you can have a book sale – maybe in the playground after school or during lunch break? Or if you go to an after school club, maybe the leader would let you have a sale at the end of the meeting? Encourage all your friends to bring in books they’ve already read. Pick a day for your #BooksforBooks sale and let everyone know all about it!

Three layers of shelving filled with books

You will need:

A table

Lots of books in good condition

A pot to collect the money

A friend to help you run the stall

Paper and sticky tape


How to:

Decide on pricing – we suggest 50p or £1 each

Make a big sign with the price to stick to the front of the table. You could make some extra signs for school notice boards and classrooms

Arrange the books on the table and you’re ready for customers!

Donate the money from your #BooksforBooks sale to Living Paintings so we can make new Touch to See Books for blind children

Email RuthP@LivingPaintings.org to request your free fundraising pack complete with posters and helpful tips.


Don’t forget to let us know via Twitter or Facebook when you’re having your sale so we can help promote it. Good luck!

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