Have some MONSTER fun with Billy…
March 24, 2011

‘In a darkish, creepy wood…
In a darkish, spooky house…
In a darkish, gloomy bedroom…
There was a…

Enjoy a topsy-turvy world in which monsters have daymares about people when you meet lovable monster Billy who is having trouble sleeping. Remember having all those scary dreams of monsters under your bed or hidden in your room and your mum or dad coming to stay with you until you were asleep again? Well, Billy has the same problem but his dreams are about scary children!

Our latest, fun children’s Living Picture book is brilliantly read by Alan Davies, star of QI, Whites and Jonathan Creek – who said it was one of his favourite books.  It is suitable for age range 5-7 years. Feel Billy drinking his glass of slime with a bendy straw and his toy beast through the colourful Touch to See images. ‘This warm and funny story is perfect for raising a smile and chasing away bedtime fears.’

Enjoy this book and if you ever get scared, try to imagine the monster that’s having daymares about you!

Click here to reserve your copy of Billy Monster’s Daymare
Written by Alan Durant and illustrated by Ross Collins

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