HCF funds Dinosaur tactile book for blind children
September 24, 2014

Hilton in the community foundation

We are so excited to learn that Hilton in the Community Foundation have awarded Living Paintings a grant to create the first title in a new Touch to See series ‘Young Explorers: Dinosaurs ROAR!’

It is wonderful that HCF are supporting the first title in the series, as their grant will also support the creation of the project’s accompanying online additional content – a Discovery Hub, where visitors to our website will find live and interactive content enabling them to extend their exploration of the subjects contained in the Touch to See books they borrow from our free library.

They can read related blogs, listen to music playlists, watch videos and get top tips for fun things to do, places to visit and other websites that take the subject further. Start your journey of Discovery today with Living Paintings, by clicking here!

HCF works to improve the lives of children and young people who are sick, homeless or disabled. By investing in improving access to education and the improvement of health care, they seek to make a big difference to the charities they support, including smaller charities that might otherwise be overlooked.

Living Paintings Dinosaurs ROAR! Project will enable blind children to share in the extraordinary visual world of pre-history with their sighted peers. Our special series of Touch to See books will give blind children raised images of dinosaurs to feel, and fun audio guides that will excite and educate.

Blind children will be able to touch a picture of a Tyrannosaurus and explore its fierce roaring head!

Thank you so much to the Trustees and Team at Hilton in the Community Foundation for continuing your wonderful support of our work, we look forward to posting another blog update on progress on the creation of the book!

In the meantime if you are a library member who loves dinosaurs and can’t wait for ‘Young Explorers: Dinosaurs ROAR!’ to arrive in the Living Paintings Touch to See Library, why not visit our online library and borrow ‘Dinosaur Time’ and ‘Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs’

Why not visit our online library to see more of the fantastic books we have


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