How fit is your Club?
January 11, 2016

We will soon be sending out some questionnaires to find out how everything is going with each Book Club registered with our library. It’s a way of us finding out how everyone is getting on with our Touch to See Book Club (T2C) packs and to find out if anyone needs any assistance. It is also an opportunity for us to find out what difference our resources are making to Club members and to identify any areas requiring support.

What many people don’t realise is that when a new Club is set up or a Club registers with us and starts using our packs they automatically have some free support. This includes finding volunteers, writing policies if you need them, providing training such as running meetings and looking for venues. Before joining Living Paintings I worked for a service that supported voluntary and community groups. We had approximately 2,500 on our database and I helped them with all aspects of running registered and non-registered charities, so I am used to helping groups in various different ways!

Croydon book club Living Paintings

I am really looking forward to getting all the responses back and finding out how many people are benefiting from our resources and how many people attend Club sessions. But the main thing I really want to know is how the T2C Book Club resources are making a difference. For example, due to using the resources have members socialised to a greater extent and beyond the scope of their own home?  Have they taken on new activities as a result of being stimulated by one of the T2C Book Club titles?  Our funders are keen to know things like this. So, if you receive one of our forms please take the time to fill it out.  Your responses are valuable and we need them so we can continue to provide a free library service.

Croydon book club Living Paintings

Filling out the form should only take about 10 minutes, unless of course you want to give us extra information and stories about your Club – we always welcome these! The questionnaire comes in a variety of formats to suit everyone. I like to come and fill it out with Clubs face to face but of course this is not always possible. Other options are over the phone or via email.  You can also complete it online using Survey Monkey, which is very easy to do if you’re familiar with filling out forms on the internet.

Lots of great things will come out of doing this questionnaire but most of all it means I get to talk to the wonderful people that run these invaluable Clubs.  Without these amazing people we would not be able to help community members socialise, have fun and engage in new interests!

So look out for your questionnaire and please spare us 10 minutes of your time.

If you have any questions just call me on 01635 299771 or email

Thank you in advance!


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