It’s time for strawberries, cream and umbrellas!
July 7, 2015

Hi, Maria here.

It’s time for strawberries, cream and umbrellas!

Yes, Wimbledon is well underway. The ancient game of skilfully hitting a ball over a waist high net at the all England’s Club is upon us. I have found some interesting facts about Wimbledon in the Radio Times, it states that apparently 622 matches will be played in total over the 2 weeks of the tournament, (I feel exhausted already). All in all, there are 250 ball boys and girls (they earn about £150 for the two weeks) and 350 umpires and line judges. Apparently last year 491,084 people went through Wimbledon’s doors. They drank 350,000 cups of tea, ate 28,000 kg of strawberries and gulped 7,000 litres of cream during the two weeks. I feel slightly nauseous thinking about it! I learnt today that strawberries can whiten your teeth, very strange fact.

One thing Wimbledon is not really famed for is good weather, although as a child I avidly watched the grass courts go more and more brown and dusty as the days went on.  The last few years have been quite different and the Centre Court now has a massive electric roof to fend off the rain. This year I think we might have reasonable weather, well here’s hoping. Maybe spectators will be using umbrellas as sun shields.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Umbrellas tactile image Living Paintings

So, as a tribute to Wimbledon and the unpredictable weather my title for July is Come Rain or Shine.

This Book Club pack includes 2 paintings – Woman with a Parasol: Madame Monet & her son by Claude Monet (below) and The Umbrellas by Pierre Auguste Renoir (above)

We love to talk about the weather here in England. I find myself doing it all the time and often feel that I have just stated the obvious but feel compelled to mention it. These 2 beautiful paintings show us sunshine and rain painted by two icons of the French Impressionist movement. What is interesting in these paintings are the French fashions of the day, including the must have accessories in case of sunshine or showers – the umbrella and parasol, such an elegant accompaniment when a lady is shading herself from the sun. By the time you have explored the two tactile pictures in this pack, you should have a better idea of what Impressionism is all about. Bear this in mind: colour, light and shade in addition to movement and unusual visual angles.

Calude Monet and her son tactile image Living Paintings

This pack not only describes the two famous paintings and artist but also tells you interesting facts. Facts such as, in Latin “umbra” means shadow so “umbrella” is a poetic word meaning “little shadow”. I won’t tell you any more and spoil the surprise.  You will have to order your copy today.

I am going to leave you with the following quote from Bjorn Borg: “You have to find it. No-one else can find it for you.” I so agree and this is something I tell my children everyday.

Remember, if you have enjoyed this title let us know how you got on with it.

‘Til next time.

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