James’ Story: “I wanted to raise money for Living Paintings, their books help me to learn”
May 21, 2013

We are delighted to share one of our many success stories with you. It’s about James, a visually impaired pupil at St Benedict, who loves our tactile and audio books so much that he was inspired to raise funds to help us make more.

Here’s the story in James’ own words and pictures –


“My name is James. I am twelve years old. I have been learning Braille for nearly two years. I like using the Take Off reading scheme. I enjoy Living Paintings as well. When I get a new book I like to feel all the different pictures.

I asked my teacher if we could have a coffee morning to raise money for Living Paintings.

Last Thursday we had our coffee morning in our Enhanced Resource Base. We invited parents and staff. The staff in the ERB made the cakes. Some of the staff, students and my mum made the coffee and sold the raffle tickets. My job was to draw the raffle.

Lots of people came staff, ex students, parents and pupils from the ERB. On the TV we showed the DVD, so everyone could know about Living Paintings. We had a good time and I even got to have a cup of tea. We raised £208.83.

Your books help me to learn and I love the feely pictures best. I hope you enjoy the pictures I have sent you. There is one of me drawing the raffle.”

Pictured below, James drawing the raffle.

James drawing the raffle tickets

Pictured below, James enjoying a cup of tea with his mum.

James enjoying a cup of tea

Pictured below, people enjoying James’ coffee morning and a table full of lovely cakes.

Cyra Blackman, James’ teacher said,

“…as a teacher the tactile and audio books are such a good resource. I love them! Keep up the good work!…”

Pictured below, lots of big smiles at James’ coffee morning.

Lots of big smiles, everyone had a good time at James' coffee morning in aid of Living Paintings

We can only ‘keep up the good work’ with the help of donations and fundraising activities like James’ coffee morning. Are you inspired by James’ story? Do you want to help raise funds for Living Paintings, so that we can make more fantastic tactile and audio books for James to borrow and enjoy?

Click here to donate now.

Or email info@livingpaintings.org with your fundraising idea – whether you want to jump out of a plane or have a cake sale – and we will support you all the way.

We can’t wait to hear from you and find out how you would like to help our charity create more success stories.

Pictured below, a lady enjoying ‘Wonder Goal!’ tactile and audio book at James’ coffee morning.

A lady enjoying 'Wonder Goal!' tactile and audio book at James' coffee morning

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