Journey for blind and visually impaired children out now
February 13, 2019

New tactile, audio and braille books for blind children out now!

Journey is a picture book — and what pictures they are. Aaron Becker’s illustrations are able to feed the imagination of readers of any age. As they’re caught up in the adventure of the little girl and her magical red crayon.

But how can blind and partially sighted children enjoy an entirely visual story?

A copy of Journey

The Living Paintings team – including our amazing volunteers, our library members and a celebrity guest – have been working hard to make Journey accessible to those without sight. With our Touch to See adaptation, with tactile pictures, audio description and braille, visually impaired children are also able to embark on this journey. Listen to a sneak preview of Doctor Who actress, Pearl Mackie reading Journey.

Ted was so awed by the story and our adaptation that he found himself trying to dive deeper into it.

A young child resting his head on a book and feeling the tactile images

Jacob, who is severely sight impaired and his sighted brothers were able to enjoy Journey together.

Three boys sat around a book feeling a tactile picture

This is what his Mum had to say: “There are no words in this book, the artwork is so intricate and delicate, in it’s print form it’s not accessible to visually impaired children. However, with a mix of audio description and tactile pictures the beautiful book is brought to life! Jacob and his brothers really enjoyed listening and following this book. We then had lots of fun creating our own crayon worlds!”

A tactile picture of a girl in a boat

We’d like to say a huge Living Paintings thank you to everyone involved in helping us create Journey and sharing this story with blind and partially sighted children. From Aaron Becker and his publisher, Walker Books, to Pearl Mackie, to our volunteers who handcrafted each tactile image.

Thank you to Austin & Hope Pilkington Trust and Lifeline 4 Kids who funded this project.

Our partially sighted and blind library members have devised a range of fun, crayon crafts to do at home. Experience Journey for yourself by borrowing it from our library today!

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