A Book Club member’s story
April 4, 2017


Book Club member Joy

Joy lost her husband to cancer a few years ago. She has no children or close family nearby and lives in a small village in the countryside. Gradually she is losing her sight. The little sight she still has enables her to see shapes and some colour only. Keeping her independence is vital to Joy. Luckily she lives in a bungalow with great neighbours, but she says that although her neighbours are around they have very busy lives. Before she found out about the support that was available to her she felt lonely, isolated and often goes days without speaking to anyone. She heard about the T2C Book Club through her local Talking Newspaper.

The first time she was picked up and taken to a Book Club session she said:

“I am so pleased to be going out, I haven’t spoken to or seen anyone for days, and I get really lonely”.

Since attending the Book Club Joy is now getting involved in other community activities and has joined other activity groups such as a Bridge Club in her local town.  She talked about how she enjoys the stimulation from the Book Club sessions:

“In our social meetings you are getting a great deal of information. Members have so many hidden talents themselves. We listened to Music Maestro in one session and it transpired that one of our members, Brenda, was a musician and she entertained the troops in the Second World War. The stories she shares are amazing. I don’t think she would have spoken about what she did if it wasn’t for the Book Club book. It brings up all our memories.”

It keeps the grey matter going! I have made so many new friends. Some of the members I had things in common with, which I did not know. We exchange tips and lots of useful practical things that we have all discovered since losing our sight.”

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