World War 2 – a tactile and audio history book
November 11, 2013

Our teacher resource publication about World War II, helps young visually impaired readers learn about this vitally important period of British history. Below, we tell you about a few of the tactile images which are in this popular Touch to See book.

Here's a tactile picture taken from a famous black and white photograph of Winston Churchill

 Winston Churchill

This tactile picture is taken from a black and white photograph of Churchill standing outside no.10 Downing Street, giving the V for victory sign with the fingers of his right hand. The photograph was taken in May 1945 and it appeared in newspapers throughout the country. Winston Churchill has since become synonymous with this gesture.

Here is a tactile image of a couple of young wartime refugees from East London during World War 2

The Evacuees

 This image of young evacuees represents Living Paintings volunteer, Edith and her younger brother, Bert, who were sent away during WWII. Edith says in the audio description, “We came from the East End of London. When the war started we were evacuated straight away so that we wouldn’t be killed if our house and the area we lived in was bombed. First we went to our School Hall where we were given gas masks”.

Tactile image of a Lancaster Bomber plane

The Lancaster Bomber

This tactile image shows us a view from above of a plane called the Lancaster Bomber. This airplane was a very important part of the British air invasions against the enemy. The Lancaster crew flew sorties over France and Germany at great risk; enemy ground troops would fire into the air, often damaging the planes. If the crew bailed out and parachuted to the ground they were usually taken as prisoners of war by the German forces.

Tactile image displaying the side view of an American Jeep with its parachutes and artillery.

 The Parachute Jeep

In December 1941, The Americans declared war on the Japanese and then on the Germans. The mighty resources of the USA mass-produced every weapon of war which was needed to win the war on land, at sea and in the air. Among these was a very solid land vehicle called the Jeep. The above tactile image displays the side view of an American Jeep with its parachutes and artillery.

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