Liam’s January Fundraising Newsletter
February 5, 2014

Hello, Liam here. Welcome to my January fundraising update for Living Paintings. This month we raised £31.50. This is how did we did it…

We had the pleasant surprise of receiving a £10 cheque from the accountant who signed the forms for our Christmas Eve street collection (we wrote about this in our previous blog). If you, like us, want to do a street collection in aid of Living Paintings you need to contact your local council to obtain a permit, free of charge. It’s really easy and simple to arrange.

We also attended a Rat Show, yes, that really is what you think it is, similar to a dog show but for rats! The rats enjoy taking part in the obstacle courses, the judges give out  prizes and there’s various stalls selling essential rat items, such as toys and food. We made and sold a range of rat hammocks and donated 10 % of the proceeds to Living Paintings.

We also had a stall at a table-top sale, where we again donated 10 % of the proceeds to Living Paintings. A table-top sale is similar to a car-boot sale, except for it being indoors and not having any cars parked by the stalls.

Liz, Liam and Dean's table-top stall

Finally we entered some items into an auction. This was a general auction, for all manner of different things including bric-a-brac and furniture. We donated 10% of the sale price of our lots to LP. People also gave us things to take to the auction and we gave 75% of the sale price of these items to LP.

Liam and the fundraising chart

Finally, we decided that we needed to have a way of monitoring the funds we raise. So we have created a chart, which mum calls a thermometer barometer! We will photograph it at the end of each month and include this in our fundraising blog, so that you can see how close we are to our £500 target.

We look forward to sharing our new fundraising exploits in February’s update.

Bye for now

Liam, Liz and Dean

If you are inspired by Liam and his family and would like to raise funds for Living Paintings please visit our fundraising pages to find out more or call 01635 299771

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