Tactile and audio books review – Short Stories: Fabulous Frocks
October 7, 2015

Alison Clarke

We recently received a lovely email from Alison Clarke, library and Book Club member and thought we’d share it with you.

“I recently had the pleasure of reviewing a new book in the Living Paintings Short Stories collection, called Fabulous Frocks.

For those interested in fashion through the ages, fabrics and colours,  it is a delight.

The book is made up of 3 tactile pictures: Katherina Knoblauch by Conrad Faber, Mrs Daniel Cunyngham by Alan Ramsay and The Fair Toxophilites by William Powell Frith.  They portray the changing fashion between the 16th and 19th centuries. In the earliest painting, the sitter looks very formal whereas Elizabeth Cunningham appears far more relaxed.  The Fair Toxophilites show action and movement.  It must have been very difficult to do archery in their beautiful long dresses and hats whilst wearing whalebone corsets.

The different fabrics, colours, bows, beads and jewellery are beautifully described and give an insight into the exquisite attention and detail painted by the artist.

Oh, how I wish I could walk on a chamomile lawn on a beautiful summer afternoon, parasol in hand, wearing a long velvet dress with lace bodice and leg of mutton sleeves buttoned to the elbow.  It’s good to dream!”

Short stories picture

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