Library Members’ Choice: ‘Explore the Seashore’
January 8, 2014

This Touch to See Book is a fun and informative publication for children aged 7-11 years, supporting subjects across the National Curriculum such as geography and science.

The audio soundtrack describes the journey round the coastline of the British Isles and guides fingers over the tactile pictures, with popular actor Timothy Spall as your Captain – arrrrr!

Check out these amazing comments about this popular tactile book, from both teachers and parents.

This image shows a photograph of a shark, plus a Touch to See tactile version of a shark from two different anglegs

” I enjoyed reading the book as I don’t normally get to go to the seaside!” – Young Library Member

“It is brilliant! The young people regularly enjoy listening to the different stories and feeling the different tactile pictures.” – Teacher

“Would recommend to parents so the VIPs can listen to the stories when they are on home leave.” – Teacher

“…he loved the stories of Long John Silver, and really enjoyed the music before each session too!” – Parent

“…I especially enjoyed the pirate!” – Young Library Member

“Very informative. Excellent for following navigational instructions.” – Parent

Click here and search our on-line library to borrow ‘Explore the Seashore’ or telephone  01635 299771.

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