Library members share their thoughts about Living Paintings
July 6, 2017

One of the best things about working at Living Paintings is receiving positive feedback from our library members. Sometimes it’s a phone call, other times letters and even braille pictures. Here are just a few of our favourites we’ve received recently.

Letter in braille from a library member

Spot the Dog intro pack

“A huge thank you. Phoebe was thrilled to bits with her free Spot the Dog and wouldn’t let it go. Living Paintings brought her so much happiness and excitement. A superb service. Phoebe cannot see normal books so for the first time she felt ‘normal’ in the context of her busy nursery. You are all BRILLIANT.”

“This has been truly wonderful. We have used it every day, sometimes more than once a day. Until now I have been making my own 3D representations of some of the main characters… [it] was the only way I could make the stories accessible. This pack has been a revelation and we love it. The soft toy is also fantastic. From the first day it has been special in a way that no other soft toy ever has been. It comes everywhere, does everything: sleeping, eating, stories, shopping, walking with us. I don’t know how we will manage if we ever lose it!”

Click here to borrow our Spot the Dog titles for preschool children>

Romans in Britain teacher resource pack

“Excellent resource. Thank you very much for providing it. My son is so frustrated and disadvantaged by being unable to see the textbooks and information books the class use for topic work – your packs help a lot with this.”

Click here to borrow Romans in Britain for KS2 and KS3>

We’re always happy to receive your feedback, good and bad so please get in touch!

Call us, email or find us on Twitter or Facebook. And of course, nothing beats a good old fashioned letter.

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