Living Paintings and BBC Children in Need
November 17, 2017

Supported by Children in Need, Living Paintings is able to improve the lives of thousands of blind and partially sighted children in the UK.

Meet Ted

One of our young beneficiaries, Ted. He's wearing a striped grey and blue top and is smiling.

Ted is 8 years old and has Stickler Syndrome, a condition that caused his retinas to detach resulting in him becoming blind when he was a toddler.

Ted was interviewed for the Chris Evans Breakfast Show for BBC Children in Need 2017. He talked about his visual impairment and told listeners how Living Paintings Touch to See books have opened up the visual world to him.

“Living Paintings just help me see a lot of pictures. Imagine you’ve never seen something before and then suddenly somebody opens your eyes and you can see what it is. ”

Ted also features on the Children in Need appeal show in a piece entitled, ‘Little Heroes’.

Meet Freddy

One of our young beneficiaries, Freddy reading our Touch to See WWII book. He;;;;;kkkkkafl;kas sitting at a table

Freddy has Leber’s Congenital Amaurosis (LCA) which affects his retinas. Now aged 12, Freddy has been a member of the Living Paintings library since he was 5 years old, first borrowing our Touch to See adaptations of popular children’s picture books, which helped Freddy learn braille.

“Freddy is now 12 and at secondary school and uses Living Paintings resources as a home learning activity, to re-enforce his understanding of different subjects using his tactile skills, and to relax in his spare time. Freddy particularly likes their history and science books.” Freddy’s mum

Meet Tayen

A picture of one of our young beneficiaries Tayen smiling with her eyes closed. She's wearing a pink t-shirt.

Two years ago, BBC Children in Need featured Tayen on their live appeal show. Introduced by singer Ellie Goulding, her film showed Tayen’s mum talking about her daughter’s condition neurofibromatosis or NF1, diagnosed when she was nearly two years old. The condition had caused tumours all the way down both optics nerves, into the back of her brain. Within six weeks of the diagnosis, Tayen was completely blind.

For Kali and her family, Living Paintings provided a lifeline at an incredibly difficult point in their lives.

In Kali’s words: “Tayen used to love reading before she lost her sight, and I thought her love of reading had gone. And Living Paintings has given that back to her.”

Watch Tayen’s story here.

  • 78% of blind and partially sighted children have improved confidence thanks to Living Paintings.
  • 87% of blind and partially sighted children are more interested in learning after using our Touch to See books.

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