Our library member touches the FA Cup
August 4, 2015

Louis has been borrowing our Touch to See books for 11 years. Recently he contacted Bantams Banter to interview them for his podcast, Louis Airways. Bantams Banter are contributors to our Football Discovery Hub for blind teens.

Tom and Dom from Bantams Banter told us how they gave Louis the amazing opportunity to touch the FA Cup:

“Louis contacted us over a year ago about the fact he had listened to our podcast and had become a fan and we’ve stayed in semi-regular contact ever since. In February of this year we were filming a piece with BBC Football Focus at Louis’ school (which is where Bradford City train) and we arranged for him to join us during a break. This is when we spoke to the security guarding the FA Cup about the possibility of Louis and his two best friends, Alex and Andrew, holding the trophy – a pleasure normally reserved for the winners! The guards were amazing and let Louis spend a lot of time holding and feeling the trophy. It almost brought a tear to our eyes. He was so pleased!

Louie feeling the FA Cup, blind child feeling the FA Cup Living Paintings

Louis told us: “It was way more than what we could have expected. We knew that not many people get to see, let alone touch, the FA Cup. Of all the people they could have allowed to experience this rare honour, it was me and my two friends Alex and Andrew (at just 13 years old), who got it! Thank you Tom and Dom for making this happen – me and my mates are very grateful.”

Louie feeling the FA Cup, blind child feeling the FA Cup Living Paintings

We can’t all be as lucky as Louis but you can explore tactile pictures of the Champions League Trophy and the FIFA World Cup by borrowing our Touch to See book on Football.

Do you have a story about an amazing experience which you’d like to share with us.  Perhaps you met one of your all-time heroes or got the chance to go behind the scenes somewhere special.  We’d love to hear your stories.


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