Being a Living Paintings volunteer: Maggy’s Story
September 4, 2018

Maggy Webb.Web


My name is Maggy and I’ve been volunteering at Living Paintings for five years, working a few hours each week in the production room as a painter.

Since a small child, I’ve always drawn or painted so I thoroughly enjoy painting the thermoforms for Living Paintings’s different publications. We’re usually given a set of five blank images to complete over a number of weeks using a set of paints.

Depending upon the shade we’re using, we have to re-paint each part two, three, perhaps four times in order to achieve a good depth of colour. Going around the edges can be tricky, especially as some paints are more runny than others. Occasionally, you can hear a cry of despair from a painter when a small trickle of paint runs into a crevice, “Oh no! I’ve got a dribble!”.

Volunteering at Living Paintings has given me the opportunity to continue doing something I’ve always loved but putting it to good use is very satisfying. I’m just one person in a large team of people from diverse backgrounds and together we enable others to access the joy of books, something the majority of us take for granted.


If you would like to volunteer for Living Paintings please call Sharon on 01635 299771.

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