How to make 3D animal footprints
September 12, 2017

Borrow our topical pack for kids, ‘British Wildlife – A Walk in the Countryside‘ and you’ll receive a tactile for making your own 3D animal footprints – to keep!

This new addition to the pack came from one of our library members, Fred and his mum Karen: “The topical packs are a box that keeps on giving. The British Wildlife set has inspired us to create our own creations of animal prints. First with Play-Doh and then with air drying clay as we want to keep them for props for other stories and adventures.”

A collage of pictures showing a library member using our tactile of animal paw prints to make their own versions using play dough

Start by using something nice and squishy like Play-Doh or for a print you can keep forever, why not use air-drying clay or plaster of Paris. Use the front of the tactile to make a raised paw or turn over and use the back to create a print.

So that other library members can continue to enjoy our tactile pictures with the audio, please only use the new tactile provided. It’s yours to keep so you can create as many 3D versions of the prints as you like!

We’d love to hear about your 3D presses so if you have a go, tell us and send a photo or two.

Order British Wildlife and get your free tactile to keep.

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