Mole’s Sunrise Press Release
February 7, 2011


Cover of Mole's Sunrise

Award winning charity Living Paintings is delighted to announce the publication of a new touch, sound and picture book for blind children. Mole’s Sunrise by Jeanne Willis and Sarah Fox-Davies is published by Walker Books today, and for the very first time an accessible version for blind children is available on the same day.

Using tactile picture carvings by Living Paintings’ artist Peter Boex, and audio description from Oscar and BAFTA award winner, and Harry Potter star, Jim Broadbent, the story can be enjoyed in all its glory by children who are not able to see, on the same day that their friends can read the traditional version.

20 blind children across the country won the opportunity to be the first to touch and see Mole’s Sunrise and were sent their copies specially wrapped, with strict instructions that they were not to be opened until today! More copies will be distributed over and again to thousands of blind children through Living Paintings free, postal library.

Jim Broadbent says: ‘Until Living Paintings explained it to me I hadn’t really thought about the fact that a blind child can’t ‘see’ or experience a book on the day that it is published. They often have to wait months, years or even forever. This is why I am so proud to be the voice of Living Paintings’ ‘touch to see’ adaptation of Mole’s Sunrise. This is the first time that an illustrated story will be read by a blind child on the day it is published for all to buy. What fun to think that blind children will be reading Mole’s Sunrise as soon as it is out – with a little help from me and the feely pictures – and more than likely before their sighted friends. Imagine a blind, and so often isolated, child going into school and telling the class about a great book they read last night that their friends most likely won’t have seen… I can picture the smile on that child’s face as, for once, they share something on a completely equal basis with sighted people around them.’

The adaptation was the idea of the book’s author Jeanne Willis. Jeanne says: ‘I’ve already been lucky enough to have two picture books brilliantly adapted by Living Paintings and I know that its production of Mole’s Sunrise will be inspired in every sense. I’m particularly thrilled that this title has been adopted because like vole, sparrow, rabbit and squirrel, Living Paintings will show the sunset to its audience in all its glory – something I could never hope to do through words alone.’

Living Paintings’ Chief Executive, Camilla Oldland adds: ‘Thanks to a collaboration with Walker Books and author, Jeanne Willis, Living Paintings is proving that it is possible to break down yet another barrier in achieving equal access to literature for blind and partially sighted children.

Jeanne’s lovely book, ‘Mole’s Sunrise’, echoes the very sentiments that Living Paintings founder Alison Oldland had when she started the charity in 1989: of friendship and wanting to share the visual world with those who cannot see. I am so proud that we, together, have been able to achieve this unique publishing milestone and hope ‘Mole’s Sunrise’ has broken the ground for others to follow.’

Fittingly, the music introducing the readers to Mole and his adventure to find the sunrise with his friends is provided by the classic Beatles’ track ‘Here Comes The Sun’.

Reserve your copy today, email or call 01635 299771

Mole’s Sunrise by Jeanne Willis and Illustrated by Sarah Fox-Davies

A beautifully illustrated and movingly written story about a blind mole who wonders what a sunrise is like. Mole had never seen the sunrise. “I’d love to see it,” he said. When his good friends, Vole, Rabbit, Squirrel and Sparrow take him down to the lake to show him the sunrise, their vivid descriptions help him to see it in his mind and he is able to imagine the rising sun and experience its beauty for himself.

For press enquiries and further information, please contact: Camilla Oldland, on 01635 299771,

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