More dinosaurs roar into our library – Jurassic Planet
July 23, 2015

Journey back in time to the Jurassic and Cretaceous eras and explore the world of the giant sauropods and deadly raptors. Our second Dinosaurs ROAR! book for children aged 11-14 years is called Jurassic Planet.  It’s available to borrow from our free postal library NOW!

Fingers feeling tactile image of Diplodocus tactile picture by Living Paintings

The book contains four tactile pictures, atmospheric audio guides and sound effects. No dinosaur book would be complete without the well-loved Diplodocus – explore the iconic shape of one of the largest sauropods to wander the Earth and hear all about discoveries that have changed the way scientists think about this giant beast – the way it held its head and tail and the way it fed. The second tactile features a fearsome predator, the Allosaurus. One of our most popular and recognisable dinosaurs you’ll find out what made it such a big, mean killing machine.

Fingers feeling Living Paintings' tactile picture of Iguanodon

We move into the Cretaceous period for our third dinosaur – a large, plant eater with a powerful secret weapon, the Iguanodon. Finally it’s the turn of the raptors and one in particular with a deadly slashing claw, the Utahraptor.

Fingers feeling Living Paintings tactile of Utahraptor

Don’t forget to visit the Dinosaur Discovery Hub for lots more fascinating facts, interviews with Phil Harding, fun activities and ideas for places to visit.




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