My Favourite Record Shop Pie & Vinyl
September 27, 2016

pie and vinyl record shop

The brilliant thing about my favourite record shop is that it is actually a a great place to eat too. Pie & Vinyl on Castle Road in Portsmouth was set up a few years ago whilst I lived away. When I returned home I had heard rave reviews about the place from friends.

As soon as I could I rushed down there, combining pie with my passion for vinyl was too hard to resist!

inside pie and vinyl

From the outside it looked tiny, it was. However, it’s now been opened up into the shop next door. With the window all steamed up and the large sign, with the gramophone emblazoned upon it, gives it a real feel of a place plucked from the past.

While the music selection does not rival that of music specialists (this is not one for those seeking the latest house bangers or drum and bass cuts) the selection on offer is great. Golden oldies such as Bowie sit next to The Wknd on antique stands. As you browse you’ll will be treated to some sounds hand picked by Pie & Vinyl themselves, in general their taste is varied and impeccable.

You can go in and just browse the records, have a listen etc. But I strongly suggest you sit yourself down, take a deep breath and chow down on one of the best pies you will ever wrap your lips around.

Blog by Charlie Fox, Living Paintings friend and volunteer.

Images sourced from the Pie and Vinyl website.

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