My Living Paintings experience by Emilie Harford
July 15, 2016

Emilie Harford

Day 1

I arrived on my first day feeling slightly apprehensive and unsure about what I would be doing for the next few days. However I was equally excited about the prospect of being able to work in a real life business for the first time! To my relief I was given a friendly welcome and was given a quick tour of the two buildings. What amazed me as soon as I was shown around was the number of stages in the process of producing a Touch to See book and also how almost everything is done right here in two small buildings in the arguably irrelevant village of Kingsclere.

The next thing I did was sit and watch a recording session and even take part in a bit, which I thoroughly enjoyed and was not the sort of activity I was expecting to do on my first day. In the afternoon I helped do some research for a new range of books under the name of ‘Science Alive’. I was happy to help out with this task and was able to apply my own scientific knowledge which, at the moment, I have rather a lot of having just completed my GCSE’s!

tactile and audio books for blind children

Day 2

My first job on day 2 was to return children’s books to their immaculately alphabetically ordered shelves, I found this strangely satisfying possibly because of its repetitive nature. I also helped stick addresses on return slips, a job which I found myself coming back to over the course of the four days when I had a spare moment. In the afternoon I did some excel spread sheet work which wasn’t as bad as it sounds.

Day 3

My third day involved having a go at painting in the production room, which I had been looking forward to trying out. Doing this for a short amount of time was very therapeutic but it also involved a lot of patience. I admire the volunteers that relentlessly paint all day long without going mad! Later in the day I helped out the fundraising department by cutting out spare tactile pictures and sticking them onto paper to make thank you cards. The final task for this day was to plan my twitter take over, which I would be doing on my final day.

Paintings a tactile image

Day 4

This day involved helping out in the digital department and as I mentioned I took over the Living Paintings twitter account and posted various tweets including photo collages over the course of the day. The next thing I did was write this blog and later on I will be designing an email including what I have been doing to send out to my family.

Twitter takeover

I have had such a lovely time here at Living Paintings and it has been really interesting meeting the team and learning more about what goes on. I have been particularly impressed with how efficiently my few days have been planned, how I have been able to do a bit of everything.

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