My Road to Music Production by Dean Chapple
February 2, 2015

Record Studio

The noughties, the decade where hundreds of young aspiring DJs and producers started turning the average 7 x 7 box bedroom into a cheap ‘world class studio’, and not to annoy their parents, this was to persue their wildest dreams. I was one of them.

In 2007 (ish) Nestle cereal were pushing a limited offer involving a free trial PC disk called ‘ejay’. I was barely beat matching randomly selected vinyl, let alone spawning any musical knowledge towards music production, but I was intrigued.

After hours of dropping readymade drum, synth and vocal samples I instantly fell in love. For years I just randomly played around testing different sounds until my almost pointless hobby started intertwining perfectly with my growing passion for Djing, expanding my limited musical knowledge beyond just listening, I wanted this and I knew I could do it.

2010 it was upgrade time so I found my feet with some looping software, Sony Acid Pro. Cheap, easy to learn and quick to map out a track, it was the one. Through hours of YouTube tutorials and a burning passion to learn the structure of music I finally classed myself a self taught producer.

By 2011 ideas, tracks and potential hits were coming together quickly and I felt ready to go public. I didn’t care who listened, like any artist you’re your own worst critic and the random opinions from total strangers are only words that count so MySpace was the ticket.

“One step at a time”, “don’t run before you can walk” just sayings I was ready to discard as my excitement made me overlook taking this potentially serious journey properly, so I uploaded everything I made, finished or unfinished it was there for the world.

I’ve always described the music industry as a lottery because often the winning ticket in is pot luck, and my ensemble of music was no acceptation. I’d been on MySpace for less than a month only to wake up to an email from ‘Nuphonic Rhythm’ an Electro label based in California. They wanted to sign my music…

I’d won my metaphorical lottery, my journey had started and to this day it grows ever more exciting. I am currently signed to 8+ record
labels dotted around the world from Europe to Canada.

Dean Chapple Music Album

Written by Dean Chapple DJ/Producer and friend and supporter of Living Paintings

CD cover shown – Dean Chapple ‘Hustling Back EP’ out 16/02/15

Studio Picture was taken from Pinterest

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