Mysterious Women visit Devizes in Wiltshire
July 22, 2015

Hi, Maria here.

Last week I visited the Devizes’ Touch to See Book Club. I hadn’t visited since its first meeting so, as I was free, I popped in to see how everyone was. The Club was enjoying The Mysterious Women pack which included the Mona Lisa painted by the one and only, Leonardo da Vinci, and Lady in a Fur Wrap by El Greco (below).

Lady in fur collage

They found that these two mysterious women have a secret and learnt about how they had hidden them. The name of the painting, ‘Mona Lisa’ apparently (so they say) was the result of a spelling error! Originally the name of the painting was Monna Lisa. Monna in Italian is short for Madonna, which means ‘My Lady’. Also, the identity of the woman in the portrait is unknown. It really is quite intriguing when you start to study this world famous painting.

Mona Lisa tactile image for blind people Living Paintings

After listening to the audio, members of the Devizes’ Club paused to reflect.

Devizes Book Club member Living Paintings

They spoke about the fact that the lady in the portrait is wearing a veil and how the background had at some time been cropped. The landscape to her left and right didn’t quite match up. Of course they also talked about whether she was smiling or not. We decided that she definitely was!

I have seen the Mona Lisa in person when I visited Le Louvre in Paris. My first impression was shock at how small the painting was and also that you could not get close to it. So many people were huddled around, it was quite eerie.

If you are now intrigued and want to play detective you will have to borrow the pack! To order it visit our online library  or call us at the office and we can do it over the phone (01635 299771).

Have a good week everyone and don’t forget to share your reviews.




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