New encounters of the Cornish kind
April 20, 2015

I wrote a while ago about a new Touch To See Book Club setting up in Devizes, Wiltshire, in partnership with Wiltshire Sight. I can now write that last week we had a fabulous first session!

Devizes book club

Most of the new members had not met before but very quickly got to know each other, as the first session focused on breaking the ice and feeling comfortable within the group. The new members loved the tactile picture of The Great Catch. One member was in The Navy most of his life and is now retired.  He shared some interesting stories about the sea and his career.

Members of the Club and Wiltshire Sight’s team enjoyed scones, jam and Cornish clotted cream.

Scone with jam and cream

Emma, from BBC Wiltshire, attended the session and met everyone who was involved in setting up the Club. She was able to get a better understanding of the benefits of being part of a T2C Book Club. The article should be aired this week between 2pm and 3pm although at the moment we are not sure which day, so will be checking their website daily.

Julia, the Book Club leader, is now familiar with how a Club runs and is currently choosing the next T2C Book Club pack. The members have requested a nature theme so it may be Flying Fishermen or Music to Greet the Day. I will let you all know what they decide after their next meeting at the end of May.

Here’s what people said after the session:

“Thank you – the Living Paintings Touch to See (T2C) Book Club pack was a real ‘eye opener’ and meeting all you lovely people today was great”

“Especially loved the scones!”

“The detail you get from the picture in the T2C pack is amazing.  You notice things as a sighted or non-sighted person as you travel around the picture. It really bought it to life”

“Even though you may not be interested in art it is still very interesting and bought it all to life”.

“Very interesting, I will definitely be coming to the next session in May”.

I’m travelling up to Scotland now for the Sight Village Events.  Hope to meet lots of new people there! Bye for now.


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