Organic Farming
January 28, 2016

Cows on farm

Organic farming is good for many things – health of people, animals and the environment. Much of the world’s food is produced by small, low input farms that can’t afford chemicals and modern machinery. Most of these farms are organic. However, other people think that the huge population of the world – 7 billion and growing – means that we have to find increasingly intensive means of farming to meet the urgent need for food. This can mean huge areas of land being turned over to arable crops and the introduction of genetically modified or GM crops which are resistant to disease and produce a higher yield. It also means keeping animals in cramped, so called “battery”, conditions to provide meat, dairy products and eggs.

Wildflowers on an organic farm

So how do you know that food you’re buying in the supermarket has been grown organically? Many supermarkets will put all their organic fruit and veg together in a separate section. They might not be as perfectly shaped and wrinkle-free as non organic produce but it will be just as tasty and you’ll know they don’t contain chemical or pesticides. Better still, you could grow your own veg at home and then you’ll know it’s completely natural and you can pick and eat it as freshly as possible. Meat, bread, biscuits and other products will have the Soil Association mark on their labels if they have been certified as organic.

Perhaps you’d like to do your own research into different types of farming and talk to your friends and family about the pros and cons of each one.  If you’d like to visit an organic farm then there’s a good list of hundreds of farms divided into geographical areas on the Soil Association website.

Don’t forget that organic doesn’t just apply to food. You can also seek out organic cotton clothes (particularly T shirts and underwear) make up and hair products.

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