Sean Bean reads the story of Beowulf for our forthcoming Anglo Saxon Touch to See Book
July 9, 2012

Living Paintings were thrilled to have Sean Bean record the story of Beowulf, a dramatic epic tale of a great warrior and his heroic adventures. As one of the most important works of literature of its time, this story is included in our latest educational book currently in production, the Anglo Saxons.

This unique Touch to See Book contains special versions of pictures with raised surfaces that come to life when fingers feel them. The audio descriptions direct the fingers, telling the stories of the pictures and describing their features. In this way, the senses of touch and hearing combine to make up for the missing sense of sight. Knowledge of the visual world is achieved in a fun and engaging way, offering children who are blind and partially sighted the same opportunity to achieve full personal potential that sighted people take for granted.

Created for blind and visually impaired children aged 7 to 11, this educational book is designed to support the national curriculum and enable visually impaired children to get the most out of education whilst having fun. With approximately 70% of visually impaired children being educated in mainstream schools, this enjoyable support for reading and learning will be shared with sighted classmates.
Claire Tobin, of Wantage C of E Primary School (for both sighted and blind children) has been using Living Paintings Teacher Resources for 4 years, she comments:

“It is phenomenal that a blind child is able to learn so much through ‘visual learning’ creating greater levels of independence and inclusion. With our last pack, the Victorians; Paige was able to ‘look’ at the images using her senses of touch and hearing enabling the images to come alive and for Paige to then be able to join in with the rest of the class and be fully involved with ALL aspects of the lesson. The difference these resources make is immeasurable, life would be tough without them”.

Sean Bean comments:

‘‘I really enjoyed working with Living Paintings and, as such a small charity providing a completely unique service, I hope that my support can help make a difference by raising awareness so that even more visually impaired people can learn about and join their free postal library.’’

Click below to hear Sean Bean explain how Living Paintings help blind and partially sighted children and adults

Audio MP3

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