Fun with Spot™
March 8, 2011

National, award winning charity Living Paintings are delighted to announce that they have been shortlisted for a nasen awards 2011 for ‘Fun With Spot™’, a new Touch to See book for preschool children who are blind and partially sighted. ‘Fun With Spot™’ includes a version of Spot Goes to the Farm by Eric Hill that has been especially adapted to be accessible to blind children aged 2 and up. For the very first time they can explore and have fun with the much loved pictures of Spot alongside their sighted friends.

CBEEBIES presenter Chris Jarvis provides an audio description that helps little fingers to find their way around the special tactile pictures.  As they listen and feel they can enter an exciting new, colourful world previously closed to them due to their lack of sight.  Chris Jarvis says, “It’s great that blind pre-school children can play along with Spot in this new pack.  Listening to the stories and feeling the pictures all help to get them ready to learn.  Spot is a big star and it’s wonderful that he has joined the Living Paintings library. Living Paintings does the most amazing job.”

Listen to an excerpt from Spot Goes to the Farm: 

Audio MP3

Alongside the Touch to See book, Spot helps the children to learn about shapes, colour, counting and everyday activities such as breakfast, playing in the park and bedtime. The pack goes beyond the simple story telling to incorporate key skills for developing literacy and life skills for blind and partially sighted pre-school children. The music introducing the readers to Spot and his adventures is the official Spot theme tune and a FREE Spot soft toy is also included as an additional tactile element for the children to enjoy.  Copies of the ‘Fun With Spot™’ pack will be distributed over and again across the country to thousands of blind children through Living Paintings free, postal library.

The adaptation was supported by Eric Hill, creator of Spot, Eric says: “I am delighted and very touched that Spot has been selected for one of these wonderful packs. It is fantastic news that Spot’s world will be introduced to preschool children who would not otherwise have been able to enjoy it. I very much appreciate the talent and creativity that has gone into creating these superb packs, which are beautifully presented.”

Listen to a clip from Goodnight Spot

Audio MP3

Living Paintings’ Chief Executive, Camilla Oldland adds: “Thanks to collaboration with Warne and the creator of Spot, Eric Hill, Living Paintings is proving that it is possible to break down yet another barrier in achieving equal access to books and learning for blind and partially sighted children. Fittingly Living Paintings’ story began with a Labrador puppy, so it’s a great celebration 22 years on for us to be bringing to life this famous puppy for pre-school blind children to enjoy.  We’d like to thank Spot for his help in encouraging children with little or no sight to begin to learn about books, Braille, tracing shapes, lines and dots, building shapes into pictures, colours and much more.  All skills and knowledge that will help them everyday as they grow up in our sighted world.”

Warne and Puffin publish a range of Spot books every year in a variety of formats, from touch and feel and sound books to story and board books. Visit the award-winning Spot website for free downloads, stories, games and competitions.

The ‘Fun with Spot™’ pack has been shortlisted for the nasen Awards 2011 in the category Inclusive Resource to Support Early Development. The nasen Awards recognise inclusive practice and publications designed for children with special educational and support needs.

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