Spring flowers
April 1, 2015

Plugs-cowslipImage taken from Heritage Seeds website

Hi, Sue here.

Nothing raises the spirits more than the appearance of spring flowers in the hedgerows, gardens and parks. Cheerful yellow daffodils, sky-blue grape hyacinths, the paintbox colours of polyanthus and the lovely blotched faces of pansies all add to the feel-good factor.

I particularly love my garden tubs at this time of year as the shoots seem to grow overnight when the sun shines.  It’s also wonderful to find cowslips making a comeback into the grass verges. I can remember when I was young that cowslips were endangered and difficult to find. Now, it’s common to see whole banks of them along the roadside, mingling with primroses. Spring still has more treats in store, as we head towards May and the first drifts of bluebells in the woods.

British Wild Flowers Tactile of bluebell, primrose and foxglove from Touch to See book on British Wildflowers

Join us for an evocative walk through the countryside by borrowing our Touch to See book on British Wildflowers.  The audio takes you through beautiful scenery, describing the flowers that you can feel as tactile images and adding atmosphere with bird song.

As one library member said: “Not only was the album beautifully and lovingly put together but the tactiles were very intricate and so useful with the flowers being produced life-sized. You have taught me so much”.

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