Springtime collection
February 8, 2016

With the days getting longer and blossom starting to burst forth on the trees, here’s our pick of books which are perfect for Springtime.

Living Paintings' The Strong Little Tree

Our first recommendation is The Strong Little Tree by Helen Peacock and Neil Reed. This lovely gentle tale follows the progress of a little tree from sapling to big oak. It’s the perfect book for children aged 5 – 7 years to explore the idea of the changing seasons and how plants develop and grow.

Mole, Vole and Bluebell

Our second pick is Mole’s Sunrise by Jeanne Willis and Sarah Fox-Davies.This beautifully written and illustrated book tells the story of Mole, who thinks he’ll never know the joy of watching the sun rise. However one day his friend, Vole, surprises him with an early morning Spring walk through the woods to experience the beauty of dawn through descriptive words.

Kipper pond dipping in Living Paintings' One Year with Kipper

One Year with Kipper by Mick Inkpen is an entertaining stroll through the seasons with Kipper and his friend, Tiger. It gives plenty of ideas for activities that children can do in each month – such as having a snowball fight in February, taking a breezy walk through the daffodils in March and pond dipping in April. It’s an ideal way to start a discussion about the seasons and the different ways you can record their passing. Kipper takes photographs of Tiger and puts them all in a scrapbook as a Christmas present but you can encourage your child to create moodboards or create colourful pictures which capture the feel of each season. Start by going on a Spring walk and talking about all the birdsong they can hear, the flowers that are starting to bloom and the blossom and leaves that are emerging.

Book cover of Wake up, Bear

Finally, on a slightly different theme, Wake up Bear by Lynley Dodd looks at the way some animals hibernate and tells the story of a very sleepy bear.  It’s time for him to wake up after his long winter sleep but he keeps on snoring, despite the best efforts of his friends. They are about to give up when there is the gentle sound of a bee buzzing – and we all know what food bees make…..

If you’d like more inspiration on Touch to See books to borrow on particular themes, visit the Collections section of Wigwam.


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