Blind kids get hands-on with science
March 26, 2018

Science Experiments

Lab coats at the ready because our Science ALIVE! series for blind and partially sighted children has arrived!

Packed full of fascinating facts, Science Experiments gives young scientists the chance to find out for themselves what mind-boggling forces are at play in the world around us. Listen to audio from kids TV presenter Maddie Moate and Youtube star Greg Foot as you discover how to create super-cool slime, why ships don’t sink and what happens when lightning strikes!

Available to borrow from our free postal library soon, this exciting new tactile book is stuffed full of seriously cool science concepts that can expand understanding of the Key Stage 2 and 3 National Curriculum.

Library member Theo doing the charm a paper snake experiment 

Featuring 10 tactile images and audio with explosive SFX, Science Experiments covers static electricity, hydraulics, floating and sinking, resonance, and liquids and solids with a chance to try out the concepts in the home or kitchen.

Click here to order your copy now or call us on 01635 299771.

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