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Tim peake photo of northern lights

To the ISS…and beyond! February 18, 2016

Learn about what Tim Peake is up to in space!

In the Line of Fire by Nick Howes August 6, 2015

Nick Howes, looks at the constant threat our planet is under from space debris

It’s raining comet dust by guest blogger Jasmin Evans July 28, 2015

In August we will be lucky enough to see the Perseid meteor shower, learn all about the origin of the dust that makes it possible and how best to experience the display.

Pluto living paintings

The Edge of Forever by guest blogger Jasmin Evans July 17, 2015

New Horizons sends back pictures of Pluto.

Photo of silver sandal from Office

Beautiful space-inspired fashions June 15, 2015

A look ahead to the cosmic fashions which will be in the shops this autumn.

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