Talking Owls
July 28, 2015

An Owl sat on a log in the woods. Living Paintings

This week I visited a Touch to See Book Club in the South and a member spoke about how she really enjoyed hearing about the Tawny Owl in the Hunting by Night Touch to See Book Club pack. She described experiencing the feathers and feeling the eyes, learning about their size and the way they move. She also said that she was amazed about the ‘too-whit too-woo’. I won’t tell you why as I love leaving you all in suspense.  If you don’t know then you may be surprised. I have told almost everyone in the office and all but Camilla was surprised, so it’s safe to say not many people know!  When I was a child I used to camp with my friends in the woods and the night noises were pretty ghostly. In hindsight I think it was the owls and the foxes that really set the scene.

However, nothing compares to the possum in New Zealand. I lived on the edge of the bush for a couple of years, near Wellington, and at night you would hear this blood-curdling screech.  Let me tell you, in the middle of the night if you don’t know what it is, it can be very scary. They say that 3.00 in the morning is the time when possums are at their loudest. Well I can certainly vouch for that! It sends a shiver down my spine just thinking about it. An owl however has a different effect, more mesmerising and strangely calming (until the fox cries in the background and suddenly you are back to your senses).

Tactile image of owl Living Paintings

The Hunting by Night pack also includes the Brown Long-eared Bat and the Eye-Hawk Moth. You may like to go for a walk at dusk with a group of friends or family and listen to the wildlife coming alive. A summer evening is the perfect time to do this. I think with our busy lives we perhaps don’t get in touch with nature as much as we should.  Although I suspect that if you quietly walk through the woods now you will hear a faint ringtone from someone’s mobile. Oh, the wonders of technology!

If you would like to borrow the Hunting by Night Touch to See Book Club pack then get in touch or order your copy online, although be warned that they are flying out of the library (excuse the pun) at the moment.

Oh, now I feel a joke coming on… what do owls sing when it is raining? ‘Too wet to woo’!

‘Til next time….

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