The football season is coming to an end
May 18, 2016

Leicester city

I can’t believe that once again the football season is coming to an end!  It seems only yesterday that I was writing my blog at the beginning of the season last August.

I do hope that at least some of you were reasonably happy with your teams’ performances – unfortunately I was not happy with Reading’s performance as a whole.  The season started brightly but then it was downhill, including a change of Manager halfway through the season.  But of course the talking point at the moment is the meteoric rise of Leicester.  What a wonderful end to the season for them – a fairytale come true for the underdogs!  Well done, Leicester!

The incident at Old Trafford last weekend was very odd and many questions still remain unanswered, but I was pleased that the evacuation process of all the fans in the stadium was dealt with so efficiently.

What an unpredictable game football is with all its ups and downs but that makes it more exciting.  Let’s hope for a great new season for all our teams.

Good luck to Man U and Crystal Palace in the FA cup final on Saturday and look out for Marcus Rashford who at 18 has been chosen to play for England in their bid for the European championship.

Oh, and good luck to Hull and Sheffield Wednesday in the play off for a place in the premiership next weekend

And finally a message for the Manager of my beloved team:  “Brian, you have a lot of work to do in the summer”!

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