The Freemasons’ Grand Charity award £12,000 to Living Paintings
June 27, 2012

Freemasons from around the country are donating £12,000 to fund a series of specialist Touch to See Books so that more blind and partially-sighted pre-school children can experience the pleasure and knowledge that reading books brings.

A series of popular children’s books “Spot the Dog” will be adapted, with tactile raised images and audio descriptions that direct the fingers. The soundtrack tells the stories of the pictures and describes their features, thus bringing the pictures to life when the fingers feel them. This unique and innovative combination of the senses of touch and hearing combine to make up for the missing sense of sight.

With 4,100 visually impaired pre-school children in the UK, Living Paintings aims to increase the number of children we reach to 600 a year through our free postal library service.  Due to the support of the Freemasons, more children with little or no sight can begin to learn about books, Braille, tracing shapes, lines and dots, building shapes into pictures, colours and much more. These are all skills and knowledge that will help them every day as they grow up in our sighted world.

If you would like to make a donation or raise funds for Living Paintings,  please  take a look at our fundraising page

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