The Half Hitch
September 15, 2016

This knot is used to tie a rope to an object quickly. It is not a very secure knot, but can be useful to hold something in place for a short time and can be made a little more secure by tying two knots.  The half hitch is also the starting point for many more complex knots, so is a good one to learn.

How to tie

  • Pass the rope once or twice around the object and pull the working end of the rope clear.
  • Pass the working end of the rope over the ‘standing line’ (the main section of rope) and then back up through the loop made where the two sections cross.
  • Pull the working end tight.
  • That is a simple half hitch.  To make it a little more secure, repeat to make two knots side by side.

Half Hitch

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