How touch tours have changed my experience of theatre
February 20, 2015

Alison Clarke

Alison Clarke has been a library member at Living Paintings and a great supporter for many years. Alison really enjoys going to the theatre and was so pleased to hear that we are publishing a Theatre Touch to See book! She used to find visiting the theatre very difficult as she could never understand what was going on, then Alison found out about touch tours.

Listen to Alison talk about the experiences of a touch tour and how they have made such a difference to her enjoyment of theatre.

Here are two great resources that can help you find out more about accessibility, including touch tours and audio description.

Access London Flyer

Access London Theatre is published three times a year. The publication showcases all performances across London that have accessibility.

To order an issue call 020 7557 6700 or email

Vocal eyes logoVocalEyes is a charity that works with theatres nationwide. Their mission is to create more engagement through audio description for blind and partially sighted people.

To pre-order Spotlight on the Stage email:


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