Tim Peake and the International Space Station
May 24, 2017

Tim Peake

British astronaut Tim Peake spent 6 months working on the International Space Station – but what’s it like living and working in space?

Well, our tactile picture and audio guide of the International Space Station (pictured below) gives young people who are blind and partially sighted the chance to explore and find out about the ISS. It’s included in our Touch to See book Ka-Boom, a guide to the universe for teenagers with audio tracks read by Dr Chris Lintott and Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock. The ISS tactile picture is also included in our Space Exploration book 7-11 year old space cadets, along with a space suit, rockets and space craft including the Apollo 11 Moon Lander, plus much more.

Listen to this clip of science communicator, Maggie Philbin, describing the International Space Station:

International Space Station

Photo of the International Space Station (Wikipedia)




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