Our members’ top 3 Touch to See Book Club titles for Spring
July 15, 2014

Our current Top 3 most borrowed and best loved Book Club titles are:-

1.    Monet and Van Gogh’s Love of Flowers
Lift your spirits with two refreshing studies of flowers; Monet’s beautiful watery garden and van Gogh’s stunning yellow sunflowers. Monet created works of art in his wonderful garden at Giverny, as well as on his canvasses. Meanwhile van Gogh poured all his heart and mind into his paintings. Great inspiration for gardeners and rustic-inspired flower arrangements. Enjoy!

2.    Hunting by Night
Step into the woods and enjoy the night-time creatures come to life. Then explore the three topics; two hunters and one hunted. Listen out for the haunting sounds of the woodland habitat at night including the Tawny Owl and learn about bat detectors.

Owl tactile picture and carving

3.    A Walk along the Riverbank
Imagine walking beside a river on a lovely sunny day. What treats would be in store for us? In the background we would hear the gurgling of the river as it makes its way to the sea. Perhaps we’d hear the sharp note of a coot or a moorhen as they go about their business. Join us for a meander along the riverbank to witness an otter and its footprint, to discover wonderful wild flowers at the water’s edge, and to hear the sounds of nature including gentle streams and birds calls.

To order one of the above titles or any of the other Touch to See Book Club titles please visit our online library or email library@livingpaintings.org

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