Top springtime reads for adults
April 12, 2017

Frolicking lambs, warming sunshine, the scent of a blossom tree in bloom – spring is without a doubt our most lively and colourful of seasons. To celebrate our enduring love for spring, we’ve put together our top 5 reads with a springtime theme for adults, all of which are available to borrow from our free postal library.

Album 13 – English Garden Design

English Garden Design tactile

Explore our love of gardens through a journey through time: from medieval gardens to a modern greenhouse in Kew. This Living Paintings book explores the history behind our country’s most famous gardens as well offering some practical tips.

Album 17 – British Birds and their Habitat

British Birds postcard


One of our most popular books, British Birds contains raised images of 24 native birds grouped by the habitat in which they are likely to be found. Feel each of the birds in turn and hear about their lives and habitats, accompanied by beautiful birdsong.

Album 33 – British Wildflowers

British Wildflowers pack shot

Join us for a walk in the countryside to visit four different locations round the country, each with different habitats: hedgerows, woodland, rivers, lakes and streams, fields and meadows and seashore and moorland. Learn a little about the history of botany and about the many varieties of wildflowers found throughout the United Kingdom.

Album 29 – Weather in Art 

Weather in Art tactile

The weather is always with us – our most popular topic of conversation. It is no surprise that it has also captured the imagination of many great artists. In this book, you’ll find Constable’s Cirrus Clouds, Rubens’ Rainbow, and Hockney’s Bigger Splash. We also visit Paris on a Rainy Day, Sunny June, Autumn Leaves and Winter’s White Silence. Head straight to track 10 for The Magpie by Claude Monet and track 11 for Paris, a rainy day by Gustave Caillebotte.

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