Touch to See: ABC UK – an inspirational and fun guide to Cool Britannia!
September 11, 2012

ABC UK Book Cover

Touch to See : ABC UK is a vibrant, multicultural and diverse A to Z of Britain including history, science & nature, pop culture, cookery, sport, poetry, literature & theatre, fashion & art, music and carnival!

The illustrated book comes with Braille, tactile pictures, and a CD soundtrack of short audio commentaries with music, sound effects, quotes from Shakespeare to Sherlock Holmes plus delicious recipes for Vinadaloo and Yorkshire Pudding!

Thermoforms from ABC UK

Thermoforms from ABC UK

To celebrate its launch we’ve commissioned Liam Mackin, an inspirational blind teenage poet, to write a poem about ABC UK – listen on YouTube .

The audio guide is read by young teenage actors from the Watermill Youth Theatre and they’ve also shared their thoughts and feelings about Britain today – listen on YouTube to teens talking about on YouTube
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