Verity Smith says “give riding a go”
July 5, 2016

Have you ever thought about learning to ride a horse, but  you’re not quite sure if it’s for you?  Listen to Verity Smith, international dressage competitor, telling us what a massive difference riding has made to her life.  Blind from a very young age, Verity talks about the freedom that being on horseback has given her.  She wants to encourage young people with visual impairment to ride and talks about the great work done by Riding for the Disabled Association.  Listen to what Verity has to say here.

Verity has been riding for many years and competes at the highest level in the very difficult sport of dressage against both able-bodied and disabled riders. Verity has blogged for us before on our training programme and she has given us an update.  She won’t, unfortunately, be competing at this year’s Paralympic Games in Rio, because she doesn’t agree with the new requirement for all visually impaired riders to wear a blindfold.  You can find out more about this in a short film that Verity has made.

But Verity is still competing in international competitions and had some good news to share with us about a recent win

If you’ve been inspired by Verity, do contact your local Riding for the Disabled Association group to arrange a trial ride.  As Verity says – be brave and give it a go, it could change your life!

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